Cooking with john term 1

Baking marshmallow with sugar and biscuit

First wash hands

Second write name on paper and get biscuit

Third mix the marshmellow mix

Fourth put marsh on biscuit

Fifth put on shugar

Sixth let it set

Seventh eat it



Report writing


Healthy body

Exercising is a way to keep strong also there are other ways to stay strong. Did you ever know that?

How food affects our body
Food can help us stay fit (especially the good food, don’t forget). When we eat good food the energy, fats, sugars and nutrients get sent to different body parts. That’s the same with junk / bad food and it’s not good!

We need to exercise because we need to keep strong and muscular (exercise can include running, walking, riding, playing sport). We also need to exercise so we can keep young and strong.

We need to drink lots of water because it is good for the body soft drinks are sent to the body aswell, but if we drink water we stay hydrated. If we don’t drink water we may get sick or die of therst. If we don’t drink water we become dehydrated.

Eating healthy is good but you need to exercise to!

I can publish my report



Once there was a computer

Who liked to sputter

When he was played

He said yay

But then he caused a flutter

Unknown Auther

What is a limerick, Mother?

It’s a form of verse, said brother

In which lines one and two

Rhyme with five when it’s through

And three and four rhyme with each other.

Unkown author


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