Healthy body, mind, spirit

1. meditation – what we did john read a book to us wile we medicated I enjoyed having some quiet time
2. Beep test – what we did Robert mad a beep noise and the boys / girls would run to a pink line and back I enjoyed exercising
3. Brain – what we did we played games like brain gym, Suduko, memory game I enjoyed playing brain gym – what we did bec put on a video of a lady doing yoga and we would copy what she was doing I enjoyed doing yoga because I’ve never done yoga before
5. Aerobics – what we did Danny put on a video and we would do exercise and after we checked are poulse I enjoyed checking are poulse
6. Food what we did ceilie had food on the tables and we had to calculate how good it is and how bad it is I enjoyed seeing ceilie again

I wonder
1 I wonder why being calm Is important
2 why staying fit is important
3 brain I wonder why we have two brain cells
4 I wonder why in yoga you sometimes stretch
5 I wonder why we have a pulse
6 I wonder why being healthy is important


Why do we sleep?

1. Because our body needs to refresh after a hard day of work (or play)
2. Our body’s need to repair themselves after a long day
3. Our minds need to rest and relax

I can reaserch and use the right websites



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