Inquiry 2013


Lionfish live in the coral reef and they eat small fish, crabs, banded corral shrimps and crustaceans and they are also poisonous.

I can make an iMovie on lionfish



Mudskippers live on the sand near the beach.

How They Travel
Mudskippers use their mouth as a shovel to make holes for them to get to other places safe.

How They Make Their Home
Mudskippers use their mouth to dig small holes and then they put passage ways in (dig passage ways I mean) the hole for them to live.

Quiz Time! Time To Get Your Brain Working!

1. How do mudskippers dig holes?
a use their tales
b use their mouths
c eat the sand

2. Where do mudskippers live?
a in the sand near a beach
b in the water
c on the grass

How do mudskippers travel?
a they swim
b they dig holes

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