Week Five

I’m proud of the way I worked this week.
I don’t think I’m very proud of the way I didn’t stay focused this week and today.
I learnt that in 1,500 there are 150 tens.
My goal for next week is to stay focused.

Week Seven
I enjoyed joining the scratch club.
I learnt that the leatherback sea turtle is the biggest turtle alive.
My goal for next week is to get a bit more work done.

Week Ten
I enjoyed well WINNING! the the maths project travel.
I learnt things about Malta.

Week Two
I enjoyed starting a new maths project.
I’m proud of starting to work well with my team-mates for maths.
My goal for next week is work a bit more quieter and get more work done.

Reflection Week 3 social skills
1. What’s a good thing about being 3-6 in LC3? A good thing is no juniors are asking us QUESTIONS ALL THE TIME
2. What’s a concern / worry about being 3-6 in LC3? I have no concerns
3. What can I do to overcome this? Nothing

Week Five
I enjoyed having a long weekend and the robotics excursion mostly because we didn’t have to go to school and we got to build electrical things and got to programme the things we built.
I learnt how to properly use a number line in maths tooltime and that lego robots can be controlled uniquely on a computer plugged into the lego programming it to do what you want.
My goal for next week is maybe get more work done and work a bit faster.

Week Seven

I enjoyed working on the new inquiry + maths project.

I learnt how to play a game called noodle-man in sport when the 4s-6s were on camp.

My goal for next week is to work harder, not get distracted during interdependent learning time.

Week Eight

I enjoyed Sport in Specialists day because I was pretty good in the whole lesson of dodgeball
I enjoyed Auslan during specialists day also because I was just finishing off my project to present in front of the learning group.
I enjoyed the OLSCS got talent when we presented because the judges said some really nice things about how we performed.

I’m proud of the OLSCS got talent because, well, we nearly through… We were sooooooooooooo close but didn’t. we performed OK just not good enough.

I’ve learnt more complex division during maths and at home.

My goal for next week is at home, practice a lot more on my guitar so I can get better and hopefully perform better next time.

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