The Prodigal Son
The dad gave his son his property and the son went off to another country and didn’t spend the money wisely and became poor when he was poor he was sent to a farm and fed the pigs and the people didn’t give him anything he thought “I’m going to go home and tell my dad dad I have sinned against heaven and before you” so he traveled home and when he got home he said “dad I have sinned against heaven and before you” and his dad called the slaves to bring out a robe the best one and put it on him and the calf he killed the calf and gave it to him and the celebrated when his older brother arrived he herd music playing so he called on of the slaves and asked what was going on when his farther came out and the older brother said “dad I have been acting like a slave to you I have never broken a command you give me and you haven’t given me anything” said the brother and his dad said “look your brother was dead and alive again he was lost and he is found”












Mum looks after me makes me food sleeps with me plays games with me

I can do good work


I can see Mary on a cloud.
I think Mary is rising up to heaven.
It’s my favourite because I think it is cool.

The assumption of Mary – flowers
Confirmation – cards – symbols – another initiation
Mary Mckillop – feast day

2 thoughts on “Religion

  1. Hi Fletcher,
    Well done on a great semester in Religion. You have produced some thoughtful and creative work. I like your retelling of the Prodigal Son and reflection on your Mum.
    Next semester we can try to upload even more work on to your blog.

  2. Dear fletcher

    Hello, I think you have done a good job on religion but I think you shod put more pictures and more work but on the good side well done. From Halle

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