What i have learnt and done so far

A few vegetables + fruit

played a signing game outside

rotations – games such as memory game, signing card game

Learnt the alphabet in Auslan

Learnt to finger spell

learnt about deff people

watched a video of how deff people learn













I can sign my name in Auslan

Semester 2
What I Learnt

I learnt that you need to have a operation for a cochlear. Hearing aids help Deaf people hear some sound.
I learnt how to sign crocodile, bird, spider
I have made a key note on all the information I’ve learnt.

What I Enjoyed

I enjoyed learning about the deaf
I enjoyed learning to sign different words / things
I enjoyed the projects that we got to do


This semester in Auslan I have… Learnt to sign my name, learnt to sign animals, learnt that you have to have a operation use a cochlear and hearing aids are good to hear sounds. I’d like to learn a lot more about deaf people next semester / year because the years nearly over!

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