Visual arts



Collages are a pic made up of different materials and photos and other things.

We made a collage about healthy things such as exercise and food.

Term 3 reflection
I learnt
1. How to make a collage
2. I learnt that collages are made of different things + materials
3. I learnt how to make a model

I enjoyed in art
1. Making a clay model
2. Making a collage

My group worked well by – using their time wisely

I think art is a useful skill because – you can use it in many things

Next term I will try to work faster and more effectively


Semester 2 2014 Reflection
I learnt that some art needs practice… Like the mosaic it was fun and enjoyable but mine, Dylan’s, Serena’s didn’t get voted enough to get made in real life.
I learnt hot and cold colours and coloured in and drew some hot and cold art.
I learnt how to make a collage in art.

I enjoyed the mosaic because we all got a chance to design something.
I enjoyed the art show because lots of art by other people we all got to see and comment about.
I enjoyed the paper quilling because it’s something I’ve never done or tried, my creations I have to say were OK but next time I’d like to try a lot harder than I did my first time.

My group worked well, next time maybe all of us should focus harder on the things we are doing / creating.
I think art is enjoyable because it’s always a good skill to have within you because sometimes like maths we are designing houses and it might be a skill you’ll need.

Arts helped me mostly in maths because it’s given me a good idea of some houses that I can design.

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